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A timeless question (Daily Quest)

Tell me, hero, what are undead murlocs called?


The Ironforge library features a replica of an unusually large ram’s skeleton. What was the name of this legendary ram?


Who was the first death knight to be created on Azeroth?

Theron Gorefiend

In Taur-ahe, the language of the tauren, what does lar’korwi mean?

Sharp claw

Not long ago, this frail Zandalari troll sought tot ame a direhorn. Although he journeyed to the Isle of Giants he was slain in his quest. What was his name?


Succubus demons revel in causing anguish, and they serve the Legion by conducting nightmarish interrogations. What species is the succubus?


Before she was raised from the dead by Arthas to serve the Scourge, Sindragosa was a part of what dragonflight?

Blue dragonflight

Name the titan lore-keeper who was a member of the elite Pantheon.


This emissary of the Horde felt that Silvermoon City was a little too bright and clean.


Malfurion Stormrage helped found this group, which is the primary druidic organization of Azeroth.

Cenarion Circle

Formerly a healthy paladin, this draenei fell ill after fighting the Burning Legion and becoming one of the Broken. He later became a powerful shaman.


Name the homeworld of the ethereals.


Before Ripsnarl became a worgen, he had a family. What was his wife’s name?

Calissa Harrington

What is the highest rank bestowed on a druid?


While working as a tutor, Stalvan Mistmantle became obsessed with one of this students, a young woman named Tilloa. What was the name of her younger brother?


Thane Kurdran Wildhammer recently suffered a tragic loss when his valiant gryphon was killed in a fire. What was this gryphon’s name?


One name for this loa is “Night’s Friend”.


What evidence drove Prince Arthas to slaughter the people of Stratholme during the Third War?

Tainted grain

Who was the first satyr to be created?


Who were the three young twilight drakes guarding twilight dragon eggs in the Obsidian Sanctum?

Tenebron, Vesperon, and Shadron

This queen oversaw the evacuation of her people after the Cataclysm struck and the Forsaken attacked her nation.

Queen Mia Greymane

This defender of the Scarlet Crusade was killed while slaying the dreadlord Beltheris.

Holia Sunshield

White wolves were once the favored mounts of which orc clan?

Frostwolf clan

What is the name of Tirion Fordring’s gray stallion?


What did the Dragon Aspects give the night elves after the War of the Ancients?


Brown-skinned orcs first began showing up on Azeroth several years after the Third War, when the Dark Portal was reactivated. What are these orcs called?


Who is the current leader of the gnomish people?

Gelbin Mekkatorque

This structure, located in Zangarmarsh, was control by naga who sought to drain a precious and limited resource: the water of Outland.

Coilfang Reservoir

What phrase means “Thank you” in Draconic, the language of dragons?

Belan shi

Which of these is the correct name for King Varian Wrynn’s first wife?

Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn

Arthas’s death knights were trained in a floating citadel that was taken by force when many of them rebelled against the Lich King. What was the fortress’s name?


Who was the mighty proto-dragon captured by Loken and transformed into Razorscale?


Before the original Horde formed, a highly contagious sickness began spreading rapidly among the orcs. What did the orcs call it?

Red pox

Whose tomb includes the inscription “May the bloodied crown stay lost and forgotten”?

King Terenas Menethil II

In the assault on Icecrown, Horde forces dishonorably attacked Alliance soldiers who were busy fighting the Scourge and trying to capture this gate.


The draenei like to joke that in the language of the naaru, the word Exodar has this meaning.

Defective elekk turd

This Horde ship was crafted by goblins. Originally intended to bring Thrall and Aggra to the Maelstrom, the ship was destroyed in a surprise attack by the Alliance.

Draka’s Fury

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